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YouTube Channel Now Open

2008-03-30 14:00:02 by RenegadeClock

Greetings Clock Fans,

I just got the hang of my video conversion software and now I'm in the process of moving my animations over to YouTube. Not that I don't appreciate my home here at Newgrounds, but when you're trying to get as much exposure as possible you gotta play all the cards. Converting Flash to video also allows me to add in additional effects, and corrects many challenges that I've had with Flash's audio compression. Be sure to check out the Broken Clocks - Director's Cut!

http://www.youtube.com/user/RenegadeCl ock

YouTube Channel Now Open


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2008-03-30 14:39:14

That broken clocks movie looks so much better as a video. it really smooths out the animation and makes the final result less graphic intensive while still looking cool.

Very rarely do you ever see movies that are just silly with decent drawings. it's either one extreme or the other.

Metal gear awesome for example is terrible since i get the feeling that the artist isn't really trying or just plain making his drawings crappy on purpose.

plus it's not really all that funny maybe if it had more humor that wasn't all video game nerd references in there than maybe i might find it funny on some level.

You ever talk to that walrus guy in a while?

Personally i only used youtube to watch live action super hero tv shows from japan for the most part since most of the videos are just unsexy webcam whores,douche bags doing boring blogs and crappy anime music videos.

and since youtube has been cracking down on copyrighted videos it sucks the fun out of youtube but if the orignal videos were more interesting than it wouldn't be a problem.

Youtube is the poorman's newgrounds but at least the traffic at youtube will allow even more exposure to your work.


RenegadeClock responds:

Haven't talked to Walrus in some time now. He's never on AIM anymore.

There are definite pros and cons to Video vs Flash. Combining the two opens up a whole new world of potential. I wish Newgrounds supported direct video uploads but I guess I could always convert and convert again... nah, that'd be a pain in the ass. Cya!


2008-03-30 14:41:26

Just make sure to post movies here first


2008-03-30 15:01:27

To get even more exposer on Youtube you could subscribe to loads of people. It might give a negative image of the Clockcrew but it will gain more views.


2008-03-30 16:43:11

FUCK YEAH! RenegadeClock, haven't seen you around in a while. Very well made frame by frame animation. You definitely have talent, a lot of it, and I hope everything works out good for you in getting your animations exposed to a larger audience.

But yeah, how have things been going man? Is there still a UCFD around or did you guys disband?

Also, probably not into making shitty flashes, but if you ever want a really shit flash to pass, just PM me, I work miracles.


RenegadeClock responds:

Hey dude. I pretty much gave up on the UCFD. Everyone was fighting with each other and I don't really have enough time to run the organization anymore. I feel like I need to focus my energy in a more positive way anyhow. Peace!


2008-03-31 01:36:14

What type of conversion program do you use?

RenegadeClock responds:

I'm using Snapz Pro X on a Mac. It's not actually conversion software, it's movie screen capture.


2008-03-31 02:36:16

how old are you
why are you still here

RenegadeClock responds:

Because I can


2008-04-13 17:01:55

I didn't know you had a Youtube page

RenegadeClock responds:

Well now you know, and knowing is half the battle.



2008-04-18 15:07:04

this guy's still around??

RenegadeClock responds:

You're still looking at my profile?


2009-06-15 14:21:15

i subscribed.

RenegadeClock responds:

Hell, I'm thinking about coming back to NG. YouTube censors everything!


2011-08-16 13:22:48

hey buddy hope all is well!


2011-10-10 18:33:39



2016-06-03 17:00:06

what this userpage needs is a big ol' cock

RenegadeClock responds:

Be careful what you wish for.