YouTube Channel Now Open

2008-03-30 14:00:02 by RenegadeClock

Greetings Clock Fans,

I just got the hang of my video conversion software and now I'm in the process of moving my animations over to YouTube. Not that I don't appreciate my home here at Newgrounds, but when you're trying to get as much exposure as possible you gotta play all the cards. Converting Flash to video also allows me to add in additional effects, and corrects many challenges that I've had with Flash's audio compression. Be sure to check out the Broken Clocks - Director's Cut! ock

YouTube Channel Now Open

I really don't want to be typing this right now. I have a bad hangover and I'm at work. So I'm going to try and make this brief.

Check out CCTV2 if haven't already. Good stuff in there.

Going to Comic Con tomorrow with TreeClock, PineappleClock, and GoldenClock. Hopefully my foot will hold up. I hurt it kinda bad the other day when I was trying to freestyle run up a tree like those jerks on youtube. Don't ever drink and do stupid shit.

Okay, back to work time...

- Ren